The Halsey Fund


The Halsey Fund, a permanent endowment for scholarships, is named in honor of Woodruff W. Halsey II — former president, executive director, resident director and teacher. Established in 2011, the Halsey Fund enables one student per year to receive generous financial aid as well as a stipend for round-trip airfare to the SYA school of enrollment.

The endowment was made possible through the generous gift of the Bulgari Family who donated $1.5 million to SYA: $1 million to the Halsey Fund, and $500,000 to provide funding for the now completed SYA Spain school. (Read more.)

The Halsey Fund scholarship addresses merit and demonstrated financial need by covering tuition for a student who is both academically gifted and could not attend SYA without financial assistance. In addition to tuition, the Halsey Fund provides a stipend for the recipient to cover the cost of round-trip airfare to the SYA school of enrollment. For information on the Halsey Fund Scholarship requirements click here.

Please contact the Advancement Office for more information on how you can support the Halsey Fund.

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Meet The Scholars

2018-19 Halsey Scholar Hollie Wright - SYA China

Hollie comes from Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia and is spending her junior year at SYA China. Hollie made the decision to apply after spending two weeks at a Summer Bridging Program through the Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University. She developed a love for the country and culture, returning home with a determination to go back to China to experience life through the eyes of a local rather than a tourist. She hopes to gain a broader perspective on China and deepen her language skills by immersing herself fully in daily life in Beijing.

Read Hollie's end-of-year letter!

2017-18 Halsey Scholar Noah Cantor - SYA Spain

Noah Cantor comes from A.W. Dreyfoos High School in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is spending his senior year at SYA Spain. Noah has a deep commitment to and passion for studying Spanish. One of his co-curricular activities at his sending school included leading a group called Operation Education, which helps a local Mayan Refugee Center.

2016-17 Halsey Scholar Izzy Ortiz - SYA Italy

Izzy first learned about SYA from the Language Department Chair and SYA coordinator at Deerfield Academy, Sam Savage. A school trip to central and southern Italy, including Sicily, in the summer of 2015 further sparked her interest in attending SYA Italy to develop her foreign language abilities by spending a full-year studying abroad while in high school.

2015-16 Halsey Scholar Yumna Naqvi - SYA China

Yumna first learned about SYA China while attending the US-China Strong Foundation's student reunion conference in Washington DC in November 2014. While there, she listened to a group of SYA China alums participating in a panel discussion as part of SYA’s role as an official signature partner for 2014-2015. Yumna’s interest in high school study abroad was deepened further after participating in the conference and watching the SYA China video shown during the presentation. She also serves as an ambassador for the foundation via her own school, The Wardlaw-Hartridge School in New Jersey. Yumna is returning as a senior to her sending school this fall.

2014-15 Halsey Scholar Briana Hoek - SYA France

Hoek’s appetite for learning languages as well as her curiosity about study abroad is undeniable. With a Dutch background, she was eager to experience life in France as a resident. Her SYA interviewer described her as a dedicated, motivated student with a real passion for travel and for experiencing other cultures.

“I can’t wait for France to become part of my daily life and to absorb every experience,” said Hoek at the time. “I’m studying art history and I’m looking forward to seeing and living the history firsthand. I’m grateful, honored and so happy to be chosen as next year’s Halsey Scholar.”

2013-14 Halsey Scholar Nomuundari Batdelger - SYA Italy

Batdelger ranked 12 of 826 at Schurr High School in California and was a member of the National Honor Society. She was also the captain of the volleyball team, a track-and-field competitor, a photographer for the school’s newspaper and a representative in student government. For the past seven summers while at high school, she attended the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

At the time of the award, she said, “My curiosity has opened doors that I never knew existed. It has given me a drive to pursue the unknown, a characteristic that I believe the SYA community will value."

"I chose to go to SYA Italy because I want to stretch outside of my comfort zone. My parents instilled in me a deep commitment to understand and embrace other cultures.”

2012-13 Halsey Scholar Manuela Araque - SYA France

Manuela was a junior enrolled at Charlotte Latin School in North Carolina, but was born in Colombia and moved to the U.S. when she was a young girl. Throughout the interview process, Manuela spoke eloquently of her interest in diversity and culture and, when told she was the finalist for the Halsey Scholarship she said, “SYA makes my dream of studying abroad possible, better than anything I could have imagined. Living with a French family will fully expose me to French culture, allow me to stretch out of my comfort zone, and teach me essential adaptability skills.”