Giving FAQs

For any questions related to how to make your gift, please refer to Ways to Give. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact a member of our Advancement staff at or 978.725.6828 ext. 186.

Who gives to the SYA Fund?

The SYA global community of alumni, parents, and friends demonstrate their appreciation of the value of an SYA education and support its distinctive mission by giving to the SYA Fund. The Board of Trustees, Philanthropy Council, Resident Directors, and home office staff also participate in the SYA Fund.

What does my SYA Fund gift support?

  • Financial Aid: Approximately 50% of SYA students receive financial aid each year with an average award of approximately 50% of the cost of tuition.
  • Unique educational opportunities: Group travel and local cultural opportunities are key educational tools at each of the SYA schools.
  • Faculty: SYA recruits, retains and provides professional development for the highest level of faculty both locally and from top independent schools in the U.S. to teach its students.
  • Facilities maintenance: SYA maintains its schools to a standard which provides the best learning environment possible for its students.

Why is participation so important?

Making an SYA Fund gift every year makes a statement that you believe in SYA’s mission and support the unique educational experience abroad that SYA provides. Your gift has a direct and immediate impact on current students and encourages further philanthropic support from other alumni, parents and friends.

How much should I give?

Recognizing differences is central to the mission of SYA. We recognize that everyone has a unique financial situation and only you can determine what amount is best. Every gift to SYA, no matter how large or small, is significant and appreciated. We hope you will join in contributing at the level that is meaningful to you. Gifts to the SYA Fund have historically ranged from $10 to $50,000+.

What is a matching gift?

Many companies will match charitable contributions 1:1 (or more) by their employees, retirees, and directors to non-profit organizations. This allows a company to support worthy causes, while employees are able to maximize their financial support to SYA. Please check with your human resources department and/or payroll administrator to see if your company will match your gift. It usually takes only a few minutes to complete the form, and it can often be done online.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Yes. SYA is a non-profit organization with tax ID 04-2589375. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Why am I asked to give?

Like almost all independent schools, tuition at SYA does not fully cover the cost of a student’s educational experience. Your gift to the SYA Fund helps keep tuition as low as possible while providing current students with the educational resources they need to be successful abroad. SYA strives to attract students from varying socio-economic backgrounds. SYA Fund gifts help keep SYA a feasible option for a diverse student population.