One Day for SYA


The goal of ONE DAY FOR SYA is to bring awareness to the SYA community that we need your support! Many schools celebrate "Tuition Free Day," which symbolically marks the point in the year when tuition stops paying for the students' education and it becomes "free" thanks to financial support from generous donors. ONE DAY FOR SYA is our version, observed when our tuition "runs out" on April 17.

Most importantly, ONE DAY FOR SYA signifies the importance of people in the community who donate because they want to make the SYA experience possible for today's students. THANK YOU for all of those who have helped thus far!

You may be thinking...

How can I help?

  1. Make your gift to the SYA Fund today!
  2. Share with your classmates and friends, and encourage them to give.
  3. If you've already made a gift - thank you! Consider making an additional gift, or increasing your gift next year.

Why April 17?

April 17 symbolically marks the point in the year when tuition revenue "runs out" and financial support from other means kicks in. (Tuition revenue makes up 86% of the operating budget. April 17 is 86% of the way through the academic year.)

What would your year have been like if it ended on April 17?

Do you really need MY gift?

YES! Every single gift make a difference for SYA. You'll hear this from other places you care about (and it's true there, too!), but here are a few reasons why it is especially true here:

  • SYA's endowment is comparatively small. If you Google the top 100 boarding schools with the largest endowments in the country, SYA doesn't even make the list! (Building our endowment is a major part of SYA's capital campaign, to be launched on May 16, 2019 - stay tuned!)
  • SYA recruits a new class of students every year. We don't have the benefit of retaining students year to year, let alone for 4-12 years. The less we have to rely on tuition, the better off we are over the long term.
  • GIFTS ADD UP! You may not feel like your gift is significant, but we are so grateful to receive a small gift that demonstrates your support than nothing at all. And when many people give at the level they are able, their combined support grows quickly!

Doesn't my high school give you money?

There is a common misunderstanding that SYA is part of the high school you (or your child) attended. This is simply not true. SYA has operated as a 501(c)(3) since January of 1977, and has been independent of its founding schools since that time. While we continue to have important partnerships with a consortium of high schools around the country, financially we are dependent on tuition and giving, just like many other schools. Tuition revenue makes up 86% of our operating budget, and the remaining 14% comes from other revenue sources, primarily the SYA Fund and endowment.

Why not just charge more for tuition?

The short version: in order to be competitive and enroll a diverse student body, we can't charge more.  Our tuition is thoughtfully determined each year by our Board of Trustees. It is important to all of us that SYA is able to enroll students from all backgrounds. If we increased tuition to cover the whole year, it would no longer be affordable for some families.

Remember, unlike other schools, SYA fully staffs schools in FOUR countries and also maintains a U.S. office in North Andover, MA.

Your SYA Fund participation is important, and here’s why:

  • High alumni participation is generally perceived to be an indicator of satisfaction with the SYA experience, often considered by prospective students and parents.
  • Foundations are more likely to support an organization that already has a high level of support from its alumni community.
  • Within our own alumni body, prospective top donors want to know that others are adding their support, at whatever level they can afford, before adding their own leadership support.