The 1964 Society
The 1964 Society recognizes donor leadership in support of SYA's mission. SYA is very grateful for the generous commitment of these donors.

How you can become part of SYA's 1964 Society

All SYA Fund gifts and corporate matching gifts made to SYA by donors within one fiscal year (July 1-June 30) count toward membership in The 1964 Society.

Unless anonymity is requested, names of leadership donors may be listed by level in any donor recognition reports.

President's Circle $50,000+
Founder's Circle $25,000-$49,999
Global Circle $10,000-$24,999
Ambassadors $5,000-$9,999
Diplomats $2,500-$4,999
Bridge Builders $1,500-$2,499
Young Alumni Leaders (1-15 years out) $500+

The Philanthropy Council

The Philanthropy Council advances SYA's mission by encouraging the involvement and financial support of the school's alumni, parents and friends. Working with the Advancement staff, the President and members of the Board of Trustees, the Council seeks to enhance fundraising and increase engagement among SYA's various constituencies. Members serve as ambassadors for SYA by promoting the school's vision and sharing ideas with constituences and prospective students.

Philanthropy Council Members

Allison Temple Bacon ES'81, SYA Trustee
Gregory M. Barr and Elizabeth S. Trippe IT'15P ES'16P
Elizabeth M. Carey FR'79
Carter W. Eltzroth FR'69
Julian Fu CN'06, SYA Fund Co-Chair
John Gaebler FR'71 CN'05P CN'12P
Adlai S. Hardin FR'85, SYA Fund Co-Chair
P. Elizabeth Hume Jacobs ES'87
Jacqueline P. Little FR'81 IT'16P
Kristen J. MacLeod FR'86
Meredith Crume Sterling FR'94
Steven A. Werber, Jr. FR'83, Philanthropy Council Chair

Annual Fund Chairs

Adlai Hardin FR’85

Adlai Hardin
SYA Fund Co-Chair

My SYA classmates and I boarded the flight to Paris to begin our year in Rennes on September 16, 1984, my 17th birthday. When I was 14, I chose to attend Phillips Academy (Andover, MA) in part because of its affiliation with SYA. For me, the first day of the adventure served as a culmination of plans years in the making. Our class had an extraordinary year, and the experience lived up to all of my expectations.

I chose to attend Middlebury College (VT) because it had a flexible study abroad policy, and I wanted to replicate some form of the SYA experience for myself in Latin America. In June 1988, I enrolled at the University of Central America in Managua, Nicaragua, where I lived for six months. I returned to Nicaragua several times, once for field work on my college thesis.

As editor of the Middlebury’s newspaper in 1990, I interviewed a guy named Bernie Sanders who was running for Vermont’s lone seat in the House of Representatives. After he won, I went to work for him in Washington, DC.

My first job out of law school was in the Paris office of a U.S. law firm. While I was there, my younger brother enrolled in SYA France. I spent Christmas of 1998 with his host family in Rennes, and he and his SYA friends sometimes made themselves at home on the floor of my Paris apartment. After two years in Paris, I moved to Hong Kong, where I lived for a year and a half working with the same law firm. The firm then transferred me to Singapore, where I spent another year and a half.

Since 2002, I have lived in New York with my wife and two daughters. Both daughters are enrolled in a new school which offers a Mandarin immersion program starting in preschool, spending every other school day with teachers who speak to them only in Mandarin.

I had a plan for what had to come before SYA. But I didn’t plan any of what came after it and wouldn’t have predicted most of it. SYA has helped to shape my life in tremendously meaningful ways. That’s why it’s such a privilege to be serving as co-chair of the SYA Fund with Julian Fu.

Julian Fu CN’06

Julian Fu
SYA Fund Co-Chair

In 2005, I left Milton Academy near Boston to learn Chinese in Beijing with SYA China. As a Chinese American, I expected to mainly gain language skills, as I thought myself well-acquainted with Chinese culture. My ignorance was quickly exposed when I inquired about fortune cookies after our welcome dinner in Beijing.

I began SYA with a narrow objective, but soon realized that the school impacted all aspects of my life. Beyond language courses, SYA provided a chance to immerse myself in a culture that was richer than even I expected. The experience accelerated my personal growth, as I learned to question not only what was around me, but what was within as well. This journey, shared with nearly 50 inspiring classmates, stays with me to this day.

While study abroad opportunities are thankfully more plentiful than ever, no program is as ambitious as SYA in stretching students beyond their comfort zones and supporting them as they learn to explore the world. This is especially critical at a time when xenophobia and acrimonious public discourse threatens to undo much of the social gains made over the past half century.

That’s why I support SYA more than ever. A school that balances structured academics with a safe environment conducive to exploration requires a lot of work. Thanks to you, SYA underwent incredible growth over the last half-century, a testament to the school’s caliber and the continual relevance of its mission. As we continue to grow, we look to you for support. Your generosity through the SYA Fund translates into financial aid for students like me, a unique global curriculum, quality host families, and world class faculty and staff.

The SYA Fund is critical to these various initiatives, which require support from all of us: alumni, parents, and friends. Please contribute today to ensure this experience for tomorrow’s students!

Meet our previous SYA Fund Chairs

Thank you to our previous Annual Fund Chairs for their leadership over the years.

Alexa Bator Chae
2014-16 Annual Fund Chair

John F. Gaebler
FR'71 CN'05P CN'12P
2011-14 Annual Fund Chair

Kenneth J. Krushel
2010-11 Annual Fund Chair

Peter Schulze
FR’72 CN’99P CN’08P VN’11P
2009-10 Annual Fund Chair

Nicholas D.S. Brumm
2008-09 Annual Fund Chair

Douglas Renfield-Miller
FR’71 CN’01P IT’05P ES’10P
2006-08 Annual Fund Chair

Louise Ambler Osborn
FR’80 CN’09P
2005-06 Annual Fund Chair

Christopher Motley
2003-04 Annual Fund Chair

William Gridley
2002-03 Annual Fund Chair

Stephen M. Foster
2000-02 Annual Fund Chair