Summer Testimonials

What SYA Summer students have to say:


"It was great to make lifelong friendships with both American and Italian students and I learned so much Italian. This is a once in a lifetime experience that I would want others to have." -SYA Summer Italy '16 Student

"I was happy creating such a strong bond with my host family and Italian friends. I would recommend ths program because it was such a great experience in so many ways and I think I really grew so much as an individual and as a student."-SYA Summer Italy '16 Student


SYA Spain Summer program

"SYA Summer opened my eyes to the world. By going abroad, I grew to be a more independent and appreciative person and figured out what is and isn’t necessary in life. If I hadn’t taken the opportunity, I wouldn’t have met so many incredible people and improved my Spanish like I did." -SYA Summer Spain'15 Student

"SYA provided the perfect balance between spending time with our host families, school activities, and class work. Eating lunch and dinner everyday with my host family allowed me to get to know them better and improve my conversational skills while enjoying the delicious Spanish cuisine. School activities brought the classroom to life, whether it was visiting ancient Roman ruins or cooking typical Spanish dishes with a group of SYA kids and our fabulous teacher, Guillermo. Any class work that our teachers assigned was meaningful homework that could be done with our host families. This homework commonly included culture discussion and furthered my knowledge of the Spanish lifestyle. I never felt that the class work was overbearing, but merely a way to delve deeper into the culture and history of Spain. Overall, SYA could not have done a better job providing an enriching and adventurous summer program full of memories that will last a lifetime." -SYA Summer Spain '15 Student


"My experience with SYA was probably the most amazing trip I've every taken. I'd never traveled anywhere besides home and the US, so it was a big deal to me. I was expecting to be stressed about being understood and adjusting to French culture, but I found myself able to laugh at my mistakes and really have fun. Going through lessons helped me become more comfortable with speaking and I got more confident expressing myself. My host family was warm, patient and understanding." -SYA Summer France '15 Student

"My experience in France helped me tremendously in my language class when I returned to school. Switching from English to French is not hard as before. I have a lot more confidence when I speak French because I am not afraid to make mistakes anymore: I know that this is how I improve." - SYA Summer France'15 Student


SYA Summer China"I would recommend SYA Summer because although it was a learning experience that helped improve my Chinese, it was also so much more. I made great friends, became part of a family, and was able to really connect with China and Beijing for five weeks. Experiences like exploring Xian at night or just going out for lunch with friends will stick with me forever, and I will especially remember the people I shared the experiences with. SYA Summer did help my Chinese in the classroom, but it also went above and beyond what I expected it to be, and gave me a summer I will never forget." -SYA Summer China'15 Student

What Parents of SYA Summer alums have to say:


“The staff was fantastic. Eleonora Trucca was amazing! She always got back to me with anything I needed to know.” - SYA Summer Italy '16 Parent

“The structure of engaging children from Viterbo of a similar age, the time together as a group of Americans at the beginning and end of the program, the high quality SYA teachers and administrators and the choice and preparation of the families who host are the stand-out aspects of the program in my opinion.” -SYA Summer Italy '16 Parent


“Jake loved the program. Said it was his best summer ever!” -SYA Summer Spain '16 Parent

“I thought the SYA Program did a great job in picking out a host family for my son. It was well organized with travel plans through the agent and once my son was in Spain he always felt safe. The education curriculum was organized and field trips structured with built in unstructured activities. My son had a great time.” -SYA Summer Spain '16 Parent

“The placement with the host family was exactly what Will had requested -- a family that was culturally typical of Spain. He reported that the classes were quite challenging and he felt that his Spanish improved greatly between classes and host family. He also had so much fun with the travel and the other students. I honestly think this program is one of the highlights of his life to date and will be a lifelong memory.” -SYA Summer Spain '16 Parent

“This program was better than we even imagined. It was incredibly well organized and thought out. It was a great mix of academic and active/fun/travel. Kira's Spanish improved greatly. We met her at the end of the program and traveled around Northern Spain with her and it was great to see how confident she was in speaking to people in Spanish.” -SYA Summer Spain '16 Parent


“This program is outstanding. My child's knowledge of the Mandarin language improved tremendously in the five weeks he was there. In addition, the entire experience was extremely well-organized. Finally, Mr. McLoughlin was wonderful at communicating with parents.” - SYA Summer China '16 Parent

“I believe the immersion component was the most important. Learning a foreign language while being immersed in the culture is a life changing event.” -SYA Summer China '16 Parent

“Our child loved the program. It had an unmistakable positive impact on him and his self-confidence and maturity.” - SYA Summer China '16 Parent