If you have questions that are not answered below please give us a call at 978.725.6828 or send us an email at syasummer@sya.org.

What is the schedule like at SYA France Summer?

After you arrive in Paris, we will spend three days together on an orientation to get to know each other better. Last year, orientation was in the Loire valley.

On school days, you will be taking French language (two periods of 45 minutes each), practical exercises (45 minutes), and French culture and society (45 minutes). We do not have a formal language pledge but we encourage you to speak French whenever you are in school so that you can take full advantage of your time here.

Each host family prepares a picnic lunch for their student. Some students, however, prefer to buy their own lunch either in the neighborhood or in town.

In the afternoons, all students participate in planned extracurriculars and field trips that range from outdoor excursions to cultural experiences. On occasion, host siblings will be invited to participate. After classes, you are expected to be home in the late afternoon during the week and spend time with your host family. The weekends are also considered closed, and you will be spending time with your host family and host siblings.

What will my host family be like at SYA France Summer?

You will meet your host family for the first time when you arrive in Rennes, at the end of the orientation program. We use the orientation as a tool to refine all host family placements.

All of our summer host families host for the summer only. We have different families that host our year-long students.

The majority of our host families have teenagers in the home. Most host families speak English but we ask them to refrain from speaking English to you! It would be detrimental to the experience and would prevent improvement on your part. You will have an independent bedroom in your host family's home; private baths are sometimes available depending on the family.

Since most of our host families are outside of Rennes, you will typically take the bus to school (and/or the metro) or come to school by car with your family.

How will I be able to stay in touch with my family in the U.S.?

There is no limit on email/messaging/calls to your family and friends back at home, but we ask that you limit communications so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of being abroad in France for the summer.

We discourage parents to visit from the U.S while the program is in session. We want to maintain a French-speaking environment and we also want you to take advantage of the few weeks that you get to spend with your host family. Some parents, however, chose to come at the end of the program to travel to France and/or in Europe.