Program Outline

June 24:  History of cultural heritage in France / Histoire du patrimoine en France
Review how the notion of cultural heritage has evolved, especially over the last 30 years, from ancient buildings to 19th- and 20th-century buildings, as well as natural and intangible heritage. This first day serve as an introduction for the other topics discussed throughout the week. 
Historical walking tour of Rennes (histoire et patrimoine)

June 25:  Architectural heritage of 20th-century France / Le patrimoine monumental du 20e siècle en France
The focus will be on 20th-century architectural heritage in France and its recent recognition.
Guided visit to the Musée de Bretagne and the exhibit “les vies d’une ville” on urbanism and architecture of the city, understanding the evolution of Rennes.

June 26:  Case studies on history of architecture and memory / Histoire de l’architecture et mémoire, études de cas.
Discuss the tensions between history and memory, using  Le Havre as a case study.
Walking tour led by Odorico specialist: “Rennes Art Déco, autour d’Odorico” (C. Lemaître) 

June 27:  Intangible cultural heritage in France / Le patrimoine immatériel en France
Exploration of French gastronomy, Breton music and dance…
Cooking Class and possible fest-noz (exact date depends on currently-unavailable schedule)

June 28:  Urban planning and sustainable development : case studies of eco-districts in France / Urbanisme et développement durable : études de cas d’écoquartiers en France
Examination of the links between urban planning and sustainable development, with a focus on eco-districts in France.
Rennes, a sustainable city? Visit the eco-district “La Courrouze” à Rennes and enjoy an apéritif