Adult Enrichment

Summer 2018
100 Years of Politics in Spanish Film

We are pleased to announce that there will be a new Adult Enrichment seminar held at our school in Zaragoza, Spain. This five-day seminar, designed for adults who are comfortable learning in Spanish, will examine history and politics in Spain — including current events — through the lens of Spanish film (pun intended).

Whether you are a film buff or simply looking to learn more about Spain's turbulent history over the last century, a hispanophile aching to practice your Spanish or a seasoned traveler dying to get back to Spain, or all of the above, this seminar will satisfy your needs.

The Adult Enrichment seminar in Zaragoza will be led by SYA history, film and theater teacher Oriol Bastardes.

Oriol is not only a seasoned teacher and professional pianist, he is also a proud catalán who will be able to share his perspective and shed some light on the current situation in Catalonia. Actively participating in the experience will be a dozen like-minded adults, eager to make the most of their week in Spain.

The seminar is open to SYA alums, their parents and relatives, as well as high school Spanish teachers.

Seminar Details

Dates for 2018

June 24 - June 29, 2018

While the actual class days of the seminar are June 25 through June 29, 2018, please be sure to arrive in time for the opening dinner on June 24!

Cost of Seminar

The cost is $1,475 (price does not include flight or hotel); however, if you are a teacher or administrator from one of SYA's Member Schools, the tuition will be reduced to $975.

Course Outline

The following is a list of topics to be covered during the five days of the seminar.

Click here for more detailed information about the lesson and films covered each day.
Outline is subject to change.

June 25
  • Zaragoza and Spanish Film

  • Cinematic View of Spanish History pre-20th Century

June 26
  • Propaganda in Spanish Film

June 27
  • Portrayal of Minorities in Spanish Film

June 28
  • Independent Films During Franco Years
June 29
  • The Impact of Democratic Freedom on Spanish Film

Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza is a lively city with a strong personality and a host of people, places, tastes and treasures to explore. Class times are structured to allow students ample opportunity to discover what this city has to offer, either on their own or in optional group activities. These will include a welcome dinner, walking tours, cooking classes, a tapas crawl, and a farewell wine-tasting and gastronomy event.

Zaragoza is easily reachable by high-speed train from both Barcelona and Madrid.

About Oriol Bastardes

Oriol Bastardes began working for SYA in 1992. In addition to teaching history, literature and theater he serves as the school’s coordinator of curriculum and professional development. For many years he combined his teaching career with that of a concert pianist. Bastardes has extensive experience teaching American students; prior to SYA he worked at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona and taught at San Francisco University High School (CA). He holds a BA from the University of Barcelona and also graduated from Barcelona’s Municipal Conservatory of Music.

Feedback From Past Participants

Past seminars have included a class on Don Quijote in 2016 and Spanish Contemporary and Modern Art in 2017. Here is what participants are saying about SYA Adult Enrichment seminars:

“I have been a student of Spanish for over 25 years and a teacher for sixteen, and this week was one of the most meaningful language and cultural experiences I have ever had. I can’t recommend it enough.”

“I loved everything – practicing Spanish, the lectures, the community, spending time in Zaragoza and even the activities not connected to the class, the tapas, the wine tasting, the cooking class.”

"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and studies in Zaragoza. I have participated in three others (summer teacher workshops) over the last 10 years (Cuernavaca and Oxford Barcelona) and this summer was, by far, my best experience. Zaragoza is a perfect city to explore but also small enough to walk most everywhere."

"I thought the week was very well organized and had the right balance of time off and discussion time. The approach of discussing topics, which crossed both books was an ideal way to approach such a massive subject. Ángeles is a superb teacher and I think we all learned a lot. Her enthusiasm and energy shone through."

For more information,
contact Whitney Hermann ES'85 / 978-725-6828, ext. 134