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Stop translating and start understanding a culture, a new land and the world. Spend your junior or senior year of high school in Spain, immersed in SYA’s deep and rigorous global curriculum. Develop your Spanish language skills as you prepare tortillas with your host family. Hike the Pyrenees. Explore bustling Madrid. Witness Roman and Moorish architecture of Zaragoza. Take in a Barça football match in Barcelona. Gain a deeper understanding of Spain’s regional differences. Delve into the history, arts and customs of this rich culture that continues to influence the world. You know there is more out there. Go find it at SYA.

“I developed a character independent of my American parents’ and friends’ influences, and I learned how to live on my own. At school, not only did I delve into the Spanish culture, but I also delved into American culture as well. Every day, I learned with students who had grown up across the U.S. We compared notes on the cultural differences within our own home country.”
-Abby E. Spain ’16, Carnegie Vanguard High School

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Immerse yourself in Spain.

Experience this culture that influences the world.