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SYA Spain will take you deep into the study of a language and culture brought to the Americas over 500 years ago. All classes are taught in Spanish except English and math. Your home base, Zaragoza, is Spain’s fifth-largest city, located halfway between Madrid and Barcelona. Relatively unspoiled by tourism, it is an ideal location for immersing yourself in the local community. Each experience you have–whether chatting with your host family, rowing on the Ebro, or painting in a nearby studio—will reinforce what you’re learning at school and teach you more about this influential language and culture than you could ever learn from a book. Beyond the city, you’ll attend “class” in some pretty spectacular locations, from the canyons of the Sierra de Guara to the halls of the famous Museo Nacional del Prado.

“I developed a character independent of my American parents’ and friends’ influences, and I learned how to live on my own. At school, not only did I delve into the Spanish culture, but I also delved into American culture as well. Every day, I learned with students who had grown up across the U.S. We compared notes on the cultural differences within our own home country.”
-Abby E. Spain ’16, Carnegie Vanguard High School

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