SYA Italy

Make the world’s story your own.

SYA Italy offers you the chance to spend sophomore,  junior or senior year of high school immersed in language and life in the cradle of Mediterranean Europe. Become conversant in Italian as you share incredible meals with your host family. Explore the ancient land of the Etruscans and the contemporary issues facing the European Union. Experience the art, history and archaeology of this cultural cornerstone. Study the food right down to its molecules, and understand why it is often the envy of the world. Make friends for life while living the classics, and growing through a deep and authentic global curriculum. Are you ready to become the you that you are destined to be?

"Both SYA Italy and SYA France students have also gone to the Global Issues Network in Luxembourg, to present the migration crisis’ effect on Italian shores and citizens. In order to prepare for their presentations, the students from Italy and France collaborated with each other, which made it truly seem like the SYA schools function like they are sections of the same school- just with different campuses in a different country.”
–Karen A. Italy ’16, Hotchkiss School

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