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There is no course, no book, no exam that can compare to adopting a country and its culture as your own. Through SYA France you’ll become a student of the world, immersed in a deep global curriculum made whole in a way only possible through School Year Abroad. Spend your junior or senior year of high school becoming conversant in French as you discuss politics with your host family. Head to Paris and experience, firsthand, the art and architecture of this cultural center. Explore the history, people and international relations of France. There is more out there. Are you ready to go find it?

“I am grateful that News-Decoder exists as a platform to let people from all over the world and all different age groups interact and come together to find solutions to the global issues facing us today. Thank you also to SYA for participating in the News-Decoder program.”
– Ivy T. France ’16, West Anchorage High School, AK

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