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Get Involved! At SYA, we believe that the greatest impact of a successful study abroad experience depends in part on the students' full engagement in both the local community and the host country. "Engagement" at our schools can include athletics, community service, tutoring, exchanges with local schools, enrichment classes, internships, etc.

Feed Your Passion! Already have an activity you're passionate about? Great! In most cases it's possible to continue participating in activities that you would do back home, sometimes even at a higher level. Do you play soccer? How about testing your skills against some of the future La Liga stars in Spain? Are you a violin virtuoso? Team up with fellow musicians at the music conservatory in France. Chances are, if you are enthusiastic about something, there will be a community in your host country that shares your interest.

We're here to help! SYA appoints a faculty or staff member to be in charge of both seeking out and coordinating opportunities for the students to participate in the local community. The Activities Coordinator is an excellent resource for students either looking to get involved in a particular activity or in search of something new.

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