Welcome to Zaragoza!

SYA Spain is a study abroad program for high school students that will take you deep into the study of Spanish language and culture. Your home base, Zaragoza, is Spain’s fifth-largest city, located halfway between Madrid and Barcelona. Click on the images below to explore the sights of Zaragoza through Google Street View! You can also visit our A Day in the Life page or request info to learn more.







A four story tall white building in the corner of the frame with a budding tree in front

Casa Foster 64, located at Paseo Pamplona 2, the SYA Campus Building.

SYA Spain high school students in the classroom

SYA Spain high school students during class.

SYA Spain high school student studying in common room

An SYA Spain high school student studies in the common area

SYA Spain high school staff

Some of the SYA Spain staff ready to greet you at the front door of the school!

SYA Spain high school resource library

The resource library in the common room of SYA Spain.

Basilica in Zaragoza at sunset

The famous Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza.

Assembly in the common area at SYA Spain high school

SYA Spain high school students watching an assembly in the common room at school.

SYA high school sudent with teacher in Spain

An SYA high school student meets with her teacher after class.

Fountain in Zaragoza at night with flowers taken by an SYA High school junior

A fountain in the center of Zaragoza, not far from SYA Spain

School in Zaragoza ...

All SYA students live a short distance from the SYA campus and walk, bike or take public transportation to school. Check out our school photo gallery, visit our "A Day in the Life" page or explore the neighborhood around P.º Pamplona 2 where our campus is located!