Spain Faculty and Staff

Dear Prospective Students,

I would like to share a few thoughts about why spending a high school year at SYA Spain can be an exceptionally exciting and meaningful educational experience. You should keep in mind that studying abroad for nine months is no easy feat, but you should also know that for so many of our students, it has been an extraordinary experience of immeasurable growth and exploration.

As a nine-month resident of Zaragoza, you’ll pursue a challenging high school curriculum and engage in an adventure that prepares you for life. You will decidedly improve your Spanish, live with a local family, and explore many parts of Spain. Taking our own SYA history as a guide we can tell you that spending a school year abroad may well help define your college major, career, and life.

I want you to know that the faculty at SYA Spain and I are here to help you achieve your highest academic potential and learn as much as possible about the Spanish language and culture. SYA will give you the opportunity to spend your junior or senior year of high school making Spain another place to call home. The level of language you acquire will depend on your effort and engagement of course, but I do want you to know I have witnessed extraordinary achievement in so many of our students. Engage yourself with the people and the culture and they will give back a new you.

If you or your parents have any questions about Spain or the program, feel free to contact anyone at our Admissions Office on 978.725.6828. They will be glad to answer your questions, tell you about our school in Zaragoza and the SYA experience.


Meghan L. Roof
Resident Director
SYA Spain


Meghan Lewis Roof, Resident Director

Ms. Roof joins SYA with extensive experience in management of global education programs, as well as Spanish language instruction. Meghan worked more than a decade for Oxbridge Academic Programs—most recently as the program coordinator for Oxbridge’s programs in Spain and as the program director of Oxbridge's summer immersion program in Salamanca. Additional overseas experience includes one year in Portugal as an English and history teacher and two years as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at Spanish schools in both Madrid and Valladolid. Prior to this, Meghan taught Spanish for eight years and served as the World Language Department Chair for four years at Louisville Collegiate School in Kentucky. During her tenure in this role, Meghan spearheaded an overhaul of the school's World Language curriculum and helped establish a proficiency-based curriculum based on the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency standards. She also led a push for active and experiential participation in the language classroom, a core part of SYA’s mission. Meghan earned both her BA in Spanish and International Studies of Europe and her MA in Spanish from Ohio University.