Academics at SYA Spain

SYA Spain is committed to ensuring that students develop the knowledge and intercultural skills needed to fully grasp their experience — from mastering the language, to communicating in Spanish with a pen pal in another region, to hiking or kayaking in the Aragonese countryside or heading out of town with the host family for an extended weekend.

All students are required to take six courses, including Spanish language, English, math, Experiential Spanish and two electives. Examples of electives offered at SYA Spain include Contemporary Art and its Roots, Environmental Science, History of Spain Through the Lens of its Cinema, Macroeconomics and the Global Consumer, Spanish Civilization and Culture and Spanish Theater.

Students participating in the semester program will receive .5 credits per course while yearlong students will receive 1 credit per course.

Click here to see the most recent Course Catalog. Note that many of our courses are denoted as "FW" which means that the course involves a fieldwork element designed to challenge students in the broader community.




SYA Capstone

The SYA Capstone, or the final project for yearlong students, is designed to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their evolving skills through a comprehensive project. Semester students also complete a final project that rounds out their shorter experience abroad. The project provides students the opportunity to dive into a topic that captures their imagination and interest. 

Some recent examples of Capstones at SYA Spain include:

  • The History and Culture of Fishing on the Ebro River
  • The Role of Civil Society in Local Government in Zaragoza
  • The Importance of the Flamenco Dance in Spanish Culture
  • The Economic Effects of Pork Products in Zaragoza