At SYA Spain, each day is a new adventure filled with unique opportunities for learning, growth and language acquisition. Consequently, there is no "average" day. The following schedule provides an outline for the full lives that high school students live while at SYA Spain during the majority of the academic year. Schedules vary from student to student and are different during the initial fall cultural orientation, during the final weeks of the capstone project, on extended educational trips and on Fieldwork Wednesdays. You can watch a typical day in Zaragoza for Payton, ES'22, on our YouTube channelor keep scrolling to read about a typical class day in the 2022-2023 academic year:

7:15 am

Wake Up

Get ready for your day in Zaragoza, Spain!

A morning view of the Zaragoza cityscape

7:30 am

Have Breakfast

Enjoy a traditional Spanish breakfast with your host family. 

Two females smile at the breakfast table at a host family house.

8:00 am

Go to School

SYA students live in, or nearby, Zaragoza. They walk, bike or take public transportation to school.

8:45 am

Spanish Civilization and Culture

Classes at SYA will engage you with your surroundings. Start the academic day by analyzing the impact of the Napoleonic War in the urban planning of Zaragoza.

Four high school students stand wearing jackets in front of a fountain in Spain

9:35 am


SYA students can choose from a variety of math courses (taught in English) ranging from Advanced Algebra to AP Calculus BC. These courses combine in-class and online learning activities in a hybrid learning environment, with a focus on developing independent learning skills.

An SYA Spain faculty member leans against a white board as he teaches.

10:25 am

Spanish Language

In addition to improving Spanish language skills with your host family, you will master Spanish language, grammar and culture through SYA's fast-paced Spanish language course.

SYA Spain high school students sit in a classroom laughing as they work through a Spanish lesson.

11:05 am


Check in with teachers about assignments, grab a coffee, catch up with friends in historic downtown Zaragoza or go to a nearby Spanish market or café to buy some local treats for a merienda!

SYA Spain students sit in cafe having coffee and chatting, there are customers and a counter in the background.

11:30 am


In your weekly advisory period, meet with your peers and advisor to support one another through the personal challenges and victories that come with living abroad. 

A group of SYA Spain high school students sit in the grass in a circle speaking with one another.

12:20 pm

Free Period

Complete your homework, meet with teachers or hang out with your friends in downtown Zaragoza.

A small group of SYA Spain high school students sit on concrete steps outside of a cafe, talking and laughing.

1:10 pm

Spanish Theater

Prepare for your upcoming production by preparing the set or rehearsing your lines in Spanish. 

A group of SYA Spain high school students stand on a stage with their hands interlocked raised up to the sky as they take a bow.

1:55 pm


SYA Spain students eat lunch at a local high school close to campus - allowing SYA students the chance to try new foods!

A high school student living in Spain's lunch - fish, rice, salad and utensils sit in a metal tray

2:45 pm


Understand Spain's history through its economic policies.

A group of SYA Spain high school students sit in a classroom in a row listening to a teacher.

3:35 pm


While electives are in taught in Spanish, English is taught in English by teachers from American independent schools. Using a variety of texts, you will further explore globalism and the abroad experience through literature.

5 SYA Spain high school students sit in a classroom holding books reading quietly.

5:00 pm

Extra-Curricular Activities

Spend your afternoons participating in sports teams, visual and preforming arts or traditional Spanish activities like flamenco dancing and Spanish cooking classes.

A large group of male SYA Spain high school basketball players in uniform and their coach stand on a blue basketball court.

6:30 pm

Head back home

Walk, bike or take public transportation back home.

A line of SYA Spain students walk away from the camera through the streets of Zaragoza.

7:00 pm

Free Time

Complete homework assignments and spend time with friends or your host family. At SYA you will find yourself on all sorts of adventures like learning to cook paella with your host parents or going to a soccer game with your Spanish friends.

A group of 4 male SYA Spain high school students stand in a line wearing scarfs at a sporting event.

9:00 pm


Enjoy Spanish delicacies with your host family!

A picture taken from above of paella

After Dinner

Work on homework assignments, relax with your host family and get ready for another day in Zaragoza, Spain! 

An SYA Spain high school students sits in their hosts living room with their host family relaxing.

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