Welcome to Viterbo!

Italy is a country of layers where ancient ruins and modern culture exist in harmony. Viterbo provides the ideal launching point for your study abroad experience — big enough to offer an exciting day-to-day life; small enough to feel like home and only a 90-minute train ride from Rome. Click on the images below to explore the sights of Viterbo through Google Street View or request info to learn more!

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Via Cavour 77, The SYA Italy Campus

Frescoes in the SYA Italy salone

Latin class at SYA Italy

Agroecology class at the SYA urban farm

Agroecology class at SYA Italy

A guest speaker from Iran visiting SYA's Global Perspectives class

Lunch time at the mensa

Community meeting in the salone

Italian students visiting an SYA English class

Enjoying produce from Agroecology in the SYA urban farm

School in Viterbo ...

All SYA students live near the SYA campus and walk, bike or take public transportation to school. Check out our school photo gallery, visit our "A Day in the Life" page or explore the neighborhood around Via Cavour 77, where our campus is located!