Roberta Baroncini

Pronouns: She/her

What is your favorite place or site in your country?

I don't just have a favourite place in Italy. I love the white sandy beaches of Sardinia as well as the snow covered mountains of Valle D'Aosta. Sicily, with its history, culture and food is close to my heart, but I never say no to a trip around the magical Tuscan country side. For me, it is impossible to have just a favourite place in Italy since every part of it tells a story.

What is your hidden talent?

Maybe I should ask others about that ;)

What is your favorite hobby?

Photography is a constant companion, but I also enjoy reading, and walking and gardening when the wether is not too hot or too cold.

What is one piece of advice for future SYA students?

Try as much as possible "to let go." Your home, family and friends will all be there for you when you go back. The short time you will be abroad will pass very quickly and you should make the most of this time to be curious and discover as much as possible about the different culture. You are in no way renouncing your own identity; you will be enriching it with new experiences, knowledge and friends. CARPE DIEM!