Academics at SYA Italy

Home to 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Italy is sure to stimulate your mind, whether interested in science, art, architecture, archaeology, history, modern languages, classical studies or contemporary global issues.

SYA Italy's curriculum seeks to capture this wide range with a multidisciplinary, dual-language approach. It provides students with an in-depth understanding of modern-day Italy by examining the ancient cultures from which it sprang and the contemporary challenges and opportunities that being a European Union member state entails.

All students are required to take six courses, including Italian language, English, math and Experiential Italian. Students participating in the semester program will receive .5 credits per course while yearlong students will receive 1 credit per course.

Click here to see the most recent Course Catalog. Note that many of our courses are denoted as "FW" which means that the course involves a fieldwork element designed to challenge students in the broader community.