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Italy is a country of layers where ancient ruins and modern culture exist in harmony. SYA Italy will help you see how the two relate through experiential learning and interdisciplinary classes — all initially taught in English except for Italian. Imagine discussing democracy at the Roman Forum one day, and then debating government policies at a Model UN conference the next! Viterbo provides the ideal launching point — big enough to offer an exciting day-to-day life, small enough to feel like home and only a 90-minute train ride from Rome. The Italians are welcoming people with a cultural commitment to hospitality. This translates to a feeling of connection throughout your day. Every interaction, whether buying a panino or hanging out with friends, practicing with your soccer team or playing with your band, will enrich your language skills and deepen your relationship with the Italian culture during your year abroad in Italy.

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What's It Like to Spend a Year of High School Abroad in Italy?

"SYA challenges its students to be hands-on with their education and find ways to apply knowledge to real-world situations. We spent a week learning about the Arch of Constantine, but it was rewarding to see the art in person and be able to point out the intricate details we had learned in Art History Class. When we learned about the politics of immigration in Italy, we had the chance to meet refugees, hear their stories for ourselves, and volunteer at organizations that helped them. SYA makes learning memorable.”
–Kimiye IT'18, 'Iolani School, HI
"Both SYA Italy and SYA France students have also gone to the Global Issues Network in Luxembourg, to present the migration crisis’ effect on Italian shores and citizens. In order to prepare for their presentations, the students from Italy and France collaborated with each other, which made it truly seem like the SYA schools function like they are sections of the same school- just with different campuses in a different country.”
–Karen IT'16, Hotchkiss School, CT
"It's not just school work. It's actual practical experience that you can't really get anywhere else.”
–Sahara IT'18, Kent Denver School, CO




Quick Facts About SYA Italy: Our High School Abroad Program in Italy

  • SYA Italy opened in 2001 and is located in Viterbo, 64 miles northwest of Rome.
  • The school is housed in a palazzo decorated with a collection of 16th century frescoes.
  • Three languages offered; Italian, Latin & Ancient Greek.
  • Students typically enroll in six courses, including English, math and Italian.
  • Other courses are taught in English, but gradually incorporate more Italian as student language proficiency deepens.
  • Applied Agroecology combines biology, microbiology, ecology, chemistry and organic chemistry with a focus on sustainability.
  • Broad range of co-curriculars are available; sports, applied arts and musical opportunities.
  • Popular 'International Gemellaggio' club connects SYA Italy students with local Italian peers for language and cultural exchanges.

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