Academics at SYA France

SYA France supports high school students on their journey to becoming fluent in French through the study — in French — of the language, culture and politics of France. Whether students are exploring an outdoor farmers' market, dining at a neighborhood bistro or attending the latest French play, they are immersed in French culture the majority of every day.

All students are required to take six courses, including French language, English, math, two electives and Experiential French . Examples of electives offered at SYA France include Art History, Environmental Science, French Cinema and Political Science and Global Issues.

Students participating in the semester program will receive .5 credits per course while yearlong students will receive 1 credit per course.

Click here to see the most recent Course Catalog. Note that many of our courses are denoted as "FW" which means that the course involves a fieldwork element designed to challenge students in the broader community.

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SYA Capstone

The SYA Capstone, or the final project for yearlong students, is designed to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their evolving skills through a comprehensive project. Semester students also complete a final project that rounds out their shorter experience abroad. The project provides students the opportunity to dive into a topic that captures their imagination and interest. 

Some recent examples of Capstones at SYA France include:

  • Supporting the unhoused population in Rennes
  • Learning about, and making, traditional Breton goat cheese
  • Street art in Rennes and creating a street art piece