At SYA France, every day is a new adventure filled with unique opportunities for learning, growth and language acquisition. Consequently, there is no "average" day. The following schedule provides an outline for the full lives that high school students live while at SYA France during the majority of the academic year. Schedules vary from student to student and are different during the initial fall cultural orientation, during the final weeks of the capstone project, on extended educational trips and on Fieldwork Thursdays. You can watch a typical day in Rennes for Tracy, FR'22, on our YouTube channel, or keep scrolling to read about a typical class day in the 2022-2023 academic year:


7:30 am

Wake Up

Get ready for your day in Rennes, France!

A shot of downtown Rennes in the morning

8:00 am

Have Breakfast

Enjoy a traditional French breakfast with your host family. 

A shot of a French breakfast with crepe, coffee, water, and a French newspaper

8:15 am

Go to High School

SYA students live in, or nearby, Rennes. Students walk, bike or take public transportation to high school. Some students even walk through the 18th century Parc du Thabor on their way!


9:00 am

French Language

Start off classes with an intensive French Language class and master the language through discussions, presentations, interviews and hands-on fieldwork throughout Rennes.

A SYA France classroom featuring about 10 high school students sitting at a round table with laptops and notebooks.

9:50 am


SYA students can choose from a variety of math courses (taught in English) ranging from Advanced Algebra to AP Calculus BC. These courses combine in-class and online learning activities in a hybrid learning environment, with a focus on developing independent learning skills.

An SYA faculty member stands with his back to the camera and writes an equation on a white board.

10:40 am


While many of your classes are in French, English is taught in English by teachers from American independent schools. Using a variety of texts you will further explore globalism and the abroad experience through literature.

A group of SYA France students sit in a classroom talking and looking over books.

11:25 am


For lunch, you will further practice your French language skills by eating at one of two local high schools.

A shot of a table with water, a waffle with chocolate, a grapefruit, rice, meat, and bread.

12:45 PM


In your weekly advisory period, meet with your peers and advisor to support one another through the personal challenges and victories that come with living abroad. 

A group of SYA France high school students sit at tables facing a teacher and talking with him.

1:35 PM

Free Period

Walk down cobblestone streets or past the Parlement de Bretagne with your new friends or work on upcoming assignments.

A group of five SYA France high school students stand outside in a city smiling and looking at the camera.

2:25 pm

Political Science and Global Issues

Analyze the impact of the media and the role of journalism in contemporary French politics. 

A large group of SYA France high school students sit with newspapers laid out on a round table.

3:10 pm


Head to a local bakery with your friends to pick up a snack of French baguettes!

A group of SYA France students take a selfie outside, they are all holding fresh bread and smiling.

3:25 pm

Environmental Science

Understand the biodiversity of Brittany firsthand through this fieldwork-based course.

Three female SYA France high school students look at a microscope and laptop in a classroom.

4:15 pm

Art History

Prepare for your upcoming class trip to Paris by presenting on various works on display at the Louvre

Two female SYA France students stand next to a projector that is displaying a piece of art.

5:15 pm

Extra-Curricular Activities

Spend your afternoons participating in sports teams, visual and preforming arts, or volunteering.

Seven SYA France high school students stand in nice clothes in front of an array of flags.

6:30 Pm

Visit a Patisserie

Stop by your favorite café for a macaron or a Breton galette.


A SYA France high school student stands outside of a cafe, she points at pastry in the window.

6:45 Pm

Head back home

Stop to enjoy the view on your walk back home.

A group of SYA France high school students stand on a bridge that crosses over a river as they walk back to their hosts families.

7:00 pm


Enjoy delicious French cuisine with your host family!

A large pink plate has salad, potatoes and steak on it.

After Dinner

Complete your homework, relax with your host family and get ready for another day in Rennes, France!


An SYA France student smiles with her host family at a table as they eat and play guitar.


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