Soledad Gutiérrez- Assistant Program Director, Spanish Society & Culture

Soledad (Sole) has worked at SYA for more than 20 years, and is a passionate advocate for the arts and an exceptionally vocational teacher. Currently she is SYA Host Family Coordinator as well as Contemporary Art and its Roots teacher, a subject created by herself to help students become more actively involved in the creation of new art. Sole has lead SYA school trips to artistic and cultural landmarks all over Zaragoza and throughout Spain.


Inés Trías- Spanish Society & Culture

Inés taught at SYA Spain for 15 years; 11 years when the yearlong program was in Barcelona and then for an additional four years in Zaragoza. Energetic and passionate, Inés was a key player in the transition of the school from Barcelona to its new home in 1999. This year will be her 10th year teaching at SYA Summer Spain. During the rest of the year, Inés is in co-charge of El Casal, a fantastic gap year in Barcelone, her hometown of which she knows every corner.


Patro Cortés- Introductory class to the AP Spanish Language & Culture exam

Patro joined SYA Summer 8 years ago. After earning her degree in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Zaragoza, she obtained the CAP (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude), which allowed her to start her career as a secondary teacher. Over many years, after several specialization courses in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, she taught all levels of Spanish in both short and long-term courses. In addition to being an excellent teacher 4 years ago she created a fan workshop where she shares her talent for the plastic arts!



Tomás Arruebo- Spanish Society & Culture, Assistant Director

Tomás works as the Environmental Science teacher holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management and two Masters degrees related to environmental sciences. He also holds a Doctoral degree in Planning and Environment from the University of Zaragoza, and he is also the author of several research articles and books related to aquatic ecosystems. We are truly fortunate to have Tomás at SYA Summer Spain program as well and he is already looking forward to welcoming next year's students!