SYA France Summer Program DirectorPascal Montéville, Program Director

Pascal has worked at SYA since 1986. For the yearlong program, Pascal teaches French Society & Culture, is in charge of the extracurricular activities program, coordinates numerous special events with local organizations and schools in Rennes and throughout Europe and serves as an academic advisor. Pascal has been leading the SYA France Summer Program since 2008. His daughter is an alumna of SYA China and he truly understands what it means to be both an SYA faculty member and parent!



Séverine Bordeau, French Language

Séverine joined SYA France Summer in 2015 and now also teaches during the yearlong program. Séverine has been teaching French as a second language for nearly 20 years. In addition to teaching at SYA, she provides language instruction to expatriates and middle school and college students.


Valérie Bobinnec,  French Language

Valérie joined SYA Summer France in 2013. She teaches French language and also acts as chaperone on school excursions and other activities. A seasoned teacher who has been working with foreign students at university level since 1986, Valérie spent a year in the United States as a teaching fellow and is accustomed to teaching people of all ages and backgrounds.


Jocelyne Paillette-Bigot,  French Language

Jocelyne started her career as an English teacher in a French high school before she moved to Canada to teach French as a second language. Since her return to France, Jocelyne has been working extensively in this field, mainly at the University level with foreign students. She also works for different programs helping adults to learn French and to adapt to the country. Jocelyne joined the SYA summer team in 2008.