John McLoughlin - Summer Program Director

John McLoughlin has served as Resident Director of SYA China for three years from 1996 to 1999, and has continued to assist with admissions work for the SYA China program since then. John has been teaching for 28 years and has led multiple high school summer programs in Beijing. Since 2007, he has been at Brooks School, MA where he teaches history and directs the school’s exchange programs. John’s relationship with China began when he went to Beijing to study in 1983.

Li Yan - Chinese Language Coordinator

After completing her degree in 2004, Li Yan joined SYA where, in addition to teaching, she has continued with her interest in scholarly research. At SYA, Li Yan has played an important role in the establishment of a professional development program for Mandarin teachers.

Li Xuedong - Student Activities Coordinator, Educational Travel Coordinator

Li Xuedong has been at SYA since 2007. During the yearlong program, Li Xuedong is in charge of SYA-China’s Activities, Service and Wellness (ASW) program as well as the many field programs across China for the yearlong program.

Shen Yu - Operations Coordinator

Shen Yu brings stores of patience, a level-head and a quick mind to SYA China where she has worked since 2008 as a Chinese language teacher and then Operations Coordinator. Shen Yu takes care of a host of responsibilities during the Summer Program.