Cultural Heritage in France

Architecture and Sustainable Development

Summer 2019

This five-day seminar, designed for adults who are comfortable learning in French, will survey France’s cultural heritage. While much of the focus will be on tangible examples, there will also be time to explore intangible elements of cultural heritage, specifically the local Breton culture. Benjamin Sabatier, longtime SYA France history teacher, specializes in architecture and urban planning. From this perspective, he will take the group through case studies and out into the streets of Rennes to examine the impact of history and memory on cultural heritage, as well as recent movements toward sustainable development. A few examples of topics to be covered include: reconstruction of Le Havre, Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin and Courrouze, a new eco-district in Rennes.

Classes will be held both in and outside our school and will include lectures, discussions, walking tours and guided museum visits. In addition, Benjamin and others from SYA France will host a handful of social activities throughout the week. Highlights include a local cooking class and fest-noz.

The seminar is open to SYA alums, their parents and relatives, as well as high school French teachers.

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Seminar Details

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contact Whitney Hermann ES'85 / 978-725-6828, ext. 134