What is the SYA High School Semester Abroad Program?


The SYA Semester study abroad  program is designed to provide high school students who are not able to commit to a yearlong study abroad experience the opportunity to study abroad with SYA.

Semester options are offered at all SYA campuses, however, spaces in our semester programs are limited. Sophomores are eligible to apply for spring semester programs and seniors are eligible for fall semester programs. Students must be enrolled in or have completed the equivalent of level two French or Spanish to apply to SYA France or Spain, respectively. No prior study or knowledge of Italian is required to apply to the SYA Italy Semester program. 


"Studying abroad with SYA is an opportunity like no other.
If you haven’t yet applied, apply! If you haven’t yet accepted, accept! You’d much rather be at an SYA reunion in Europe than be lamenting that you missed an opportunity to do something truly incredible."
-August IT'19 Semester


Our High School Semester Study Abroad Program Curriculum

SYA’s curriculum is our mission in action. With an interdisciplinary and student-driven approach, there are no clear lines that separate traditional school from experiences outside the high school classroom. Time spent engaging with host families, on educational travel, extracurricular activities and fieldwork are all part of the SYA curricular experience. As students uncover the connections between their coursework and their environment, the world around them amplifies learning. SYA’s experiential model challenges students while encouraging them to take their education into their own hands.

Semester students will participate in an immersion unit then attend classes alongside their yearlong peers. Upon completion of the program, semester students will be awarded three academic credits. Students will earn .5 credit in each of six courses: Math, English, Language, an Experiential fieldwork course and two electives. 

Fall Fieldwork

SYA High School Semester Abroad Program FAQs

Meet August 

  • Attended: SYA Italy Semester as a Junior
  • Home School: St. George's School
  • College Attending: New York University 
  • Hometown: The Plains, VA
  • Interests: Photography and cooking

Meet Anika 

  • Attended: SYA Italy Semester as a Junior
  • Home School: Lincoln School
  • College Attending: New York University 
  • Hometown: Cranston, RI
  • Interests: Chorus, theatre and basketball