Living With a Host Family

Living with a Host Family

There is no typical SYA host family; they range from retired adults to families with many children. What they all have in common is the motivation to embrace an American teenager fully into their lives. Many of the SYA host families have been hosting for several years - some over two generations! 



An Amazing Bond

My host family are the most forgiving and humorous teachers I could ask for, and the most wonderfully loving and hospitable family members I could imagine.

 Phebe O. IT'22
John Bapst Memorial High School, ME

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a high school student stands with her host family inside a living room.

Natalie writes about finding an old English assignment she wrote during her first weeks in Rennes and reflects on how close she's gotten to her host family over the past five months. 

Image of multi-color buildings along a street in Spain on a sunny, blue sky day.

Charlotte writes about her host family's trip to Fustiñana, and reflects on how much she's grown since she visited the town during her first week at SYA. 

Dessert on a white plate with birthday candles in it. Photo taken by SYA France high school student.

Mimi writes about celebrating her 16th birthday in France with her host family. 

Three girls sit around a wooden dinner table eating food.

Aaliyah B. writes about the conversations she shared with her host family at holiday dinners, and the meaning of the Italian word "chiacchere." 

Picture of a concert with purple lightening behind the stage and a dark audience up front. 

Celeste writes about her host family's love for music and how she has come to love the time they spend together playing guitar or attending concerts.