Header and Footer Instructions

Header Links

Your site header is the banner called "default top."

The main navigation is pulling dynamically from the sitemap.

The Utility Navigation links (Alumni, Students, Give, Shop. Login) is pulling from a section of pages called "Header Utility" in the Helper Navigation branch of pages. You can configure those linked pages to change those links.

Page Banner Images

To add banner images to a page:

  1. Within the body of the page (not in the header), add one of the shared elements that corresponds to the photo orientation you'd like: "Hero Image: Single," "Hero Image: Two Left," or "Hero Image: Two Right"
  2. Orphan the Shared Media Element
  3. In the Media Element Settings, select the slideshow containing the desired images.
  4. To add the text, go into the Media Element Settings to Design > Header Content (see screenshot below). Enter/alter the text, optionally using the bold button in the editor for the stronger text.
  5. If you'd like to use this same banner on other pages, you can Share this element, give it an intuitive name, and place it on additional pages.

This is where you place the text

Image Size: Single

Image Sizes: Multiple

(Sizes are the same for both orientations, just in a different order)

Managing the banner slideshows in Multimedia Manager

Each top image page banner will have a corresponding Media Manager Slideshow, where you'll manage the images that go into it.

  • There's a Channel in Multimedia Manager called "Page Heros," which is where we recommend you place the slideshows for organizational purposes.
  • Each banner will have its own slideshow, so the single-image banners will have one image per slideshow, while the other two options will have four photos per slideshow
  • You can look at the "Example" folder in the Page Heros channel to see the correct order to place the images (also see below, 1-4 being top-to-bottom order in Media Manager slideshow)

Two Right

Two Right

Two Left

Two Left

Footer Content/Links

Your site footer is the banner called "default footer."

The School address/phone number is located in a Content Element, which you can edit.

The links in the footer are controlled by sections of pages (Footer Schools, Footer Social, Footer Utility) in the Helper Navigation branch of pages. You can configure those linked pages to change where the links go.