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Prepare for a life-changing experience

SYA has pioneered study abroad programs for high school students ever since launching in 1964 and we believe that education needs to integrate real-world experiences into day-to-day school life. We challenge students to take education into their own hands all while learning a new language and integrating into a different culture. After SYA, students are ready to take on the world with confidence and a better global perspective. So why not study abroad in high school when there’s so much to gain and little to lose?

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Rennes, the capital of Brittany, allows you to experience the distinct Breton culture as you simultaneously master the French language and discover France’s place in the world.

Italy is a country of layers where ancient ruins and modern culture exist in harmony. SYA Italy will help you see how the two relate through experiential learning and interdisciplinary classes—all initially taught in English except for Italian.

SYA Spain is a study abroad program for high school students that will take you deep into the study of Spanish language and culture. Your home base, Zaragoza, is Spain’s fifth-largest city, located halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.

Maybe you're looking to continue a particular activity or maybe you want to try something new - at each SYA campus, there is an Activities Coordinator to help you get involved!

Host families play an integral part of the SYA experience- involvement in the community, authentic means for learning about the country and culture, and countless opportunities to develop language proficiency outside the classroom. 

Travel will take many forms at SYA- as a whole school, in smaller faculty-led groups and sometimes, independently in a small group of classmates. You'll travel not as a tourist, but as a resident of the host country in which you live.

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A key priority of The Campaign for SYA was curricular innovation. One component of SYA’s curriculum that has been developed and implemented in recent years — fieldwork — helps SYA take advantage of our unique locations to create a quality intercultural, place-based, and experiential educational environment abroad.