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Experiential learning moments at SYA

SYA’s Experiential Fieldwork Goes Outside the Classroom Walls

SYA’s curriculum is our mission in action, and experiential fieldwork is at the heart of it all. When students are intentionally sent out of the classroom (and their comfort zone) and into the local community, they develop key skills and take increased ownership of their education. In addition to engaging with their host families, taking educational excursions and participating in extracurricular activities, fieldwork challenges students to push themselves further.

At each campus, our faculty develop and implement fieldwork activities which happen on a weekly basis throughout the year, starting locally and with minimal teacher support. As the year progresses, students have more independence and geographic range to complete their tasks. The goal is for students to feel confident and at home within their communities abroad.

As the culmination of the SYA experience, all students complete a final project. While engaging in this hands-on fieldwork, students master the language of their host country and apply SYA’s interdisciplinary and student-driven approach to their six courses: English and math (taught in English), the target language, the experiential fieldwork course and two electives.

Though similar in scope, experiential fieldwork at each SYA campus has a flavor all its own. We asked each designated fieldwork advisor about what makes their program so valuable.

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