Your Impact: Course Offerings that are Uniquely SYA


SYA’s curriculum is our mission in action. With an interdisciplinary and student-driven approach, there are no clear lines that separate traditional school from experiences outside the classroom. In addition to their six required courses which typically include host country language instruction, an experiential language course, English and mathematics, students at each campus have their choice of unique electives designed to enhance their local experience. Here’s a look at our most popular offerings at SYA France, SYA Italy and SYA Spain.

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SYA France

Masks made during French Cinema class

History meets filmmaking in the popular French Cinema class taught by Eva Pena at SYA France. Here, students analyze the most important historical events of the 20th and 21st centuries while exploring the rich, innovative evolution of French film.

SYA Italy

Samples from SYA Italy's Applied Agroecology Class

In Viterbo, it’s all about the food. Olive oil, wine, bread, cured meats and cheeses all play a part in SYA Italy’s popular Applied Agroecology course, which explores the science behind the rich agricultural traditions and processes that make Italian food known the world over.

SYA Spain

SYA Spain’s Spanish Theater: Analysis and Performance elective exposes students to Spanish literature from both sides of the Atlantic, while also giving them the opportunity to hone their language and acting skills in a fun and engaging way.