Your Impact: Capstones

Class of '23 Capstones

A Culimination of the SYA Experience

The history of cursive writing. The role of photojournalism in the Yellow Vests movement. The importance of Flamenco dance in Spanish culture. The foster care system in Italy. The list goes on.

Each of these recent SYA Capstone projects is a testament to the curiosity, creativity and passion of the students across our three campuses. Designed to provide SYAers with an opportunity to showcase their evolving skills, the capstone is a comprehensive project on a topic that captures their imagination and interest. Guided by their Experiential Language class teacher, each student delves deeply into a subject area that allows them to demonstrate knowledge by doing.

As explained by Rocio Alejo Rodriguez, SYA Spain’s Resident Director, “Over the course of their projects, students dialogue with experts and encounter social, educational and political institutions. Moreover, they explore parts of the city that were previously unknown to them, thus achieving a deeper understanding of the environment that has been their home for all of these months.”

Whether it’s Ellison’s project on incorporating elements of places around Italy into a fashion design, or Lila's search for a disappearing language, capstone projects are as diverse as each student’s experience. Here’s a sampling of this year’s capstones, each one as rich and insightful as the next.

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