Your Impact: Academic Trips

Photos from some of this year's  academic trips

Learning Beyond City Limits
Bringing Text to Context Through Academic Trips

Whether it’s crossing the bay by foot at Mont-St.-Michel, learning the secrets to baking with nuns in the Basque Country, or walking along a path to the grotto where Tiberius would have entertained guests … one thing is certain: these are the moments that make the SYA experience magical. Academic trips have a greater impact on our students’ ability to live what they are learning by discovering other parts of their host country under the guidance and expertise of their teachers, bringing text [book] to context.

Your support of the SYA Fund makes these unforgettable moments possible for our students. School trips are an essential part of the SYA experience and traveling with peers to another city or region brings history and culture to life. It exposes them to the many marvels that exist in their backyard abroad. Thank you for your generosity.

Click on the accordion links below to read more about the most recent educational trips in France, Italy and Spain, and about some of the interesting things our students have learned.

If you haven’t yet made an SYA Fund gift this year, please consider doing so to help continue making these trips possible.

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