The Halsey Fund


The Halsey Fund, a permanent endowment for scholarships, is named in honor of Woodruff W. Halsey II — former president, executive director, resident director and teacher. Established in 2011, the Halsey Fund enables one student per year to receive generous financial aid as well as a stipend for round-trip airfare to the SYA school of enrollment.

The endowment was made possible through the generous gift of the Bulgari Family who donated $1.5 million to SYA: $1 million to the Halsey Fund, and $500,000 to provide funding for the now completed SYA Spain school. (Read more.)

The Halsey Fund scholarship addresses merit and demonstrated financial need by covering tuition for a student who is both academically gifted and could not attend SYA without financial assistance. In addition to tuition, the Halsey Fund provides a stipend for the recipient to cover the cost of round-trip airfare to the SYA school of enrollment. For information on the Halsey Fund Scholarship requirements click here.

Please contact the Advancement Office for more information on how you can support the Halsey Fund.

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