Matches and Challenges

On April 5, the SYA community will have the opportunity to slip on their shoes and step into the life of an SYA student! Throughout the day, our community will shadow our students, experiencing everything from the walk to school to completing homework. Instead of reading a book or solving math equations, assignments include sharing photos and stories, participating in challenges, connecting with other SYAers and making a gift to the SYA Fund to support the student experience.

SYA Day is a 24-hour giving day that allows our community to come together and support the SYA Fund. This year, the SYA Day goal is 223 donors, which represents the number of students in the Class of 2023. If we reach our goal, each donor will have supported one student's experience this year!

You have the ability to inspire others with your generosity through a match or challenge.


SYA Day Matching Opportunities


SYA Day Challenge Opportunities