As June 30 approaches and we welcome home the Class of 2022, we are reflecting on all of the individuals and moments that contributed to making the SYA experience so incredible this year!

Make a gift to the SYA Fund and join us in celebrating...

🎉 Our students, who comprised the first class back to campus after 2020. Their creativity, adaptability and love for experiential learning give us hope for the future.

🎉 Our faculty, who have worked tirelessly to enhance the knowledge and curiosity of the Class of 2022 while providing an education filled with joy. Their dedication to our school brings our campuses to life.

🎉 Our alumni, who continue to be lifelong learners dedicated to global citizenship. Their engagement with the SYA community and the greater world reinforces the intrepid SYA spirit.

🎉 Our parents and host families, who care for our students and encourage them to pursue a life-changing experience during high school. Their commitment to global education is inspiring.


🎉 Make a one-time gift of any size or a monthly recurring contribution to the SYA Fund by June 30, 2022. Your generosity has a direct impact on so many aspects of an SYA education and experience.

🎉 When you make your gift, tell us why you’re celebrating SYA! Are you giving to celebrate in honor of a classmate or teacher? Are you giving to celebrate your child’s life-changing experience at SYA?

🎉 Tell your friends! Share this campaign with your classmates or the community and let them know what you’re celebrating, encouraging them to do the same.

🎉 Post about it! Find us on social media, post a photo and mention why you’re celebrating SYA!


Please remember, in order for your gift to be counted for the 2021-2022 fiscal year:

🎉 Checks must be postmarked by June 30, 2022.

🎉 Online gifts must be charged before midnight (EDT) on June 30, 2022.

🎉 Securities and wire transfers must be received to SYA’s account by the close of business on June 30, 2022.

Additional instructions and ways to give to SYA can be found here.