SYA Fund

Each year, SYA’s very first fiscal priority must be to deliver a superb academic and student life experience.

Giving through the SYA Fund is flexible and supports our operational budget, providing immediate use funds to deliver the fundamental components of the school we love: exceptional teachers; riveting and immersive fieldwork and travel experiences; and financial aid to ensure the best possible student body. Without it, we simply could not provide the exceptional study abroad experience SYA is known for.

Collective Participation

It is our goal to build a strong and lasting network of SYA partners, individuals who choose to invest in our mission and education. Your annual gift together with thousands of others helps meet SYA’s greatest needs every year. The collective participation of alumni, parents, faculty and friends strengthens the SYA experience and ensures that our students are well prepared as global citizens.

Frequent Flyers

Loyal donors are the foundation of our network of SYA partners, ensuring that this life-changing experience will be here for generations of students to come. We are grateful to those who have made recurring or consecutive gifts to our school, comprising SYA’s Frequent Flyers. Gifts of all sizes make a difference and over time, individual impact is powerful.

Thank you for your philanthropic support of SYA.