Your Impact: The Power of Fieldwork

Your Impact: the Power of Fieldwork

Experiential learning and fieldwork are powerful educational approaches that can significantly enhance student learning. At SYA, our curriculum takes advantage of our unique locations to create quality intercultural, place-based and educational opportunities outside the classroom and comfort zones. Sending our students on intentional fieldwork assignments involves hands-on experiences and real-world applications, providing students with practical knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional classroom learning.

These activities challenge students to learn to navigate the city, appreciate the ecology of the region, interact with locals in meaningful ways and discover interesting places and landmarks they may not have encountered otherwise. Each activity provides a dynamic and enriching educational experience, fostering not only academic growth but also the development of practical skills and personal attributes that are instrumental in all stages of life.

Your support of the SYA Fund makes these experiences possible. Please consider making your gift today to be part of our donor community. 

Listen in as students from each of our campuses talk about their experiences and the value they have already discovered.