fast five with faculty

Our faculty is the central source of inspiration and guidance for our students. These dedicated and brilliant individuals help students gain confidence, build skills, find their voices and tell their stories to positively influence their communities and the greater world.

Meet Lynée Connelly


Lynee Connelly

SYA France
English Faculty and College Counseling Liaison
SYA France Class of 1974 Faculty Chair
in Memory of
Peter Greer and Charles Hamblet

Meet Alessandra Tuzi


Alessandra Tuzi

SYA Italy
Italian Language Faculty


Meet Oriol Bastardes 


Oriol Bastardes, SYA Spain

SYA Spain
History and Theater Faculty and Curriculum Coordinator

Meet Benjamin Sabatier


Benjamin Sabatier, SYA France
SYA France
History and Art History Faculty

Meet Santo Sammartino


Santo Sammartino

SYA Italy
History and Latin and Greek Languages Faculty

Meet Antonio López Piña


Antonio López Piña

SYA Spain
Political Science Faculty

Meet Soledad Gutiérrez

Soledad Gutiérrez
SYA Spain
Art History
Host Family and Student Support Coordinator