Summer Symposium 2020: Spain

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About the SYA Summer Symposium

Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of the host country, while sharpening your language skills, or are simply looking for a way to return to the country you love or would love to visit, the SYA Summer Symposium is a terrific way for you to re-experience SYA with a group of like-minded peers. 

Program sessions are taught in the local language by SYA year-long teachers, who will lead participants through an in-depth study of the stated theme, using a combined approach of lectures, discussions and in-the-field learning. 

This year we are offering a session in Spain only.


(Spain in America: Conquest, Commerce, Human Rights and the Spanish Black Legend)

June 21-26, 2020

We are pleased to announce that this year's SYA Summer Symposium will again be held in Cádiz (Andalucía), listed as one of The New York Times "52 places to go in 2019!" This six-day program includes five "class" days and is designed for adults who are comfortable learning in Spanish. We will explore some of the major themes in the 400-year history of "Spain in America" with an eye toward understanding how this history has influenced American views of Hispanic culture. 

The SYA Summer Symposium takes you beyond tourist travel. Similar to the SYA student experience, you’ll make intellectual and personal discoveries you couldn’t imagine back home. You’ll learn from the world, not just a book. In addition to lively classroom sessions, you will get out of your seat connecting topics to relevant historical markers in and around the city. You’ll delve into the Archive of the Indies during a one-day field trip to Sevilla where you'll explore traces of commercial navigation along the Guadalquivir River. A welcome dinner and a surprise farewell event will provide social bookends to the week of classroom work. You’ll reflect on those experiences and ponder big ideas. You’ll see the world as a richer, more complex place. And, if you want the real mini-SYA experience, ask us about a host family stay while in Cádiz!

SYA Spain’s Antonio López Piña returns to head the symposium after leading last summer’s program, which won high praise from participants. This year we will again take advantage of our presence in Cádiz to make connections between our physical surroundings and some of the intriguing issues of history and culture at the heart of the course. A city on the Atlantic coast but with a Mediterranean soul, Cádiz has an extensive historic quarter that is largely unchanged from the city’s days as Spain’s commercial gateway to the Indies. This, together with its beaches, its vibrant cuisine, and other cultural attractions, make it an especially inviting setting in which to explore the fascinating topic of "Spain in America."

This symposium appeals to language teachers seeking a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture in the U.S., to SYA  Spain alumni looking for an opportunity to renew their acquaintance with Spain and its past, and to all SYA alumni, parents and friends who wish to strengthen, or perhaps revive, their Spanish language skills in an intellectually stimulating and socially welcoming environment.  

The program is also open to faculty and staff from member and sending schools. All sessions are in Spanish, so participants should be comfortable speaking and understanding the language.  

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For more information, contact Susan McLean,
Associate Director of Development and Director of Alumni Relations / 978.722.6162

Saludo curso verano Cádiz!


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