ConnectSYA Tips

Your privacy is our utmost priority
Only fellow alumni who are logged into the community can see your profile and the information you choose to be visible (public) to fellow alumni. Learn more

Activate your profile: Here's a simple step-by-step guide
Follow these simple instructions to get started. Learn more.

Make that first impression count: adding your profile photo
To make the most of our community, we highly recommend adding a photo to your profile. A picture makes your information more personal, and helps others feel an instant connection.  Learn more.

Beefing up your profile: Let alumni learn more about you
The "About Me" section in your profile is an opportunity to share something about you to the greater community, including your skills, languages, resume and social links. Learn more.

Polyglot: Add the languages you can communicate in
According to a 2017 SYA survey, our alumni reported a total of 16 languages spoken, with the two top languages being French and Spanish. Add your language skills to connect with alumni who share the same love of language. Learn more

Be the first to know what's happening: setting up notifications
You have the ability to set which notifications, and how often, you receive when new jobs, events, groups, etc., are posted to ConnectSYA. Manage email notifications within the Notificaiton Settings page. Learn more.

Looking for a new career? Need an intern?
The Jobs Board is a great resource for professional networking and volunteer management. Jobs and volunteer opportunities can be posted by anyone and viewed by anyone with the community. Additionally, all job postings are shareable publically via social sharing and the URL. Learn more.

College and Career Connect: the mentoring collective
College and Career Connect is the space to connect with fellow SYA alumni whether you are seeking college or career advice, or if you want to be a mentor to someone who is. Check out the guidelines and learn more

Group spaces
Groups are great forums for you to converge, discuss and share common interests and conversations with a group of like-minded alumni. Whether it’s your class or campus group, a related career, or a common interest or hobby, you have the ability to connect with more alumni, no matter where they live. Learn more

Direct messaging
Direct messages are an easy way to connect with a fellow alum. Did you speak with an SYAer at an event and didn't exchange contact info? Did you search the community and find someone who works in the same organization? Direct messages are delivered to the recipient's email address and communication is maintained within the community platform unless you decide to take it offline or to email. Learn more