NEASC Alumni Survey Highlights

100% of alumni agreed that SYA broadened their understanding of the larger world

The results are in! Many thanks to those who completed the 2023 survey with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) as part of our re-accreditation process. 

Mission accomplished? Not only did 100% of alumni who responded  agree that SYA broadened their understanding of the larger world, when you combine the "strongly agree" and "agree" percentages for each question, the math adds up to success.

We look forward to sharing more updates throughout the process, but in the meantime enjoy highlights from the Alumni Survey.

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Highlights of ranked questions


The school’s mission and values stay with me today.  87% Strongly agree  | 11% Agree

The school’s mission was matched by what happened at the school. 81% Strongly agree  |  16% Agree

The academic programs at the school met my needs and interests. 77% Strongly agree  |  22% Agree

I was inspired by at least one of my teachers. 81% Strongly agree  |  17% Agree

I was treated with respect by the faculty and staff. 78% Strongly agree  |  20% Agree

The school was a safe, clean, and well-organized place to learn.  80% Strongly agree  |  18% Agree

The school broadened my understanding of the larger world. 97% Strongly agree  | 3 % Agree

The school’s facilities and resources adequately supported the programs. 74% Strongly agree  |  24% Agree

The school’s fundraising efforts are appropriate. 62% Strongly agree  | 31% Agree

This was a great school for me. 89% Strongly agree  |  10% Agree

When I left SYA, I was well prepared for success in my next educational endeavor.  86% Strongly agree  |  12% Agree

I was well-prepared for college or vocational school. 85% Strongly agree  |  12% Agree

My experience gave me the foundation to successfully hold a job. 78% Strongly agree  |  18% Agree

Alumni were offered an opportunity to provide responses to a series of open-ended questions. 

Alum quote from NEASC survey

If you could have changed one thing at the school, what would it be?

  • I think I would oblige each student to engage in an after school activity with local students.
  • I would have bolstered the extracurricular program, and that has happened.
  • I would have wanted there to be career development opportunities during and after the program. 
  • Improving the socio-economic and geographic diversity of students, which I know is a fundraising challenge that SYA is working on.
Alum Neasc survey quote

What was the best thing about your SYA experience?

  • Excellent teachers who shared their joy in the topics they were teaching and their joy in experiencing learning with us during field trips ... changed my world view forever to be much more open, curious about difference, more egalitarian, and culturally humble. 
  • A yearlong discovery of new languages, new places to explore, new friendships, and unlimited cultural experiences.
  • Being immersed in another culture taught me a lot about my own culture and its strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Everything. For the first time I was surrounded by people who were as interested and curious about the world as I was.