Celebrating 50 years of coeducation


Nixon was president. People flocked to see Love Story. IBM introduced the floppy disk. That Girl was the number one TV show and “Layla” was ubiquitous on the radio. The median household income was $8,734. The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series. It was 1970, and Schoolboys Abroad changed its name to School Year Abroad during the historic moment when 13 female students enrolled at SYA Spain. This unprecedented move toward coeducation signaled a sweeping evolution at SYA. This moment opened doors to a lifetime of possibility and change for women, one that continues to evolve and show promise.  SYA admitted women to our campus in Rennes the following year. The rest is HERstory.

Beginning on Founder's Day, September 9, 2020,  we commemorate this historic moment with a year-long celebration of virtual programming and stories. Throughout the year we will invite the participation of alumnae/i, faculty, staff, students and parents as we honor the influence and contributions of women to SYA's past, present and future. 

Upcoming Webinars and Broadcasts

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HERstory: A look back with six of the original 13 alumnae

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HERstory: Snapshots of alumnae and faculty

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Female Firsts