For Parents

We understand that when your son or daughter makes the decision to apply to study abroad in high school with SYA, your involvement with us begins. What is SYA? Where are the schools? What are the benefits? These are all questions that we're accustomed to receiving from parents when they're first introduced to SYA. We're here to help you along the journey. When you choose to support your child's choice to study abroad in high school with SYA, you're giving them the opportunity to:

  • Develop a broader perspective on global affairs.

  • Gain communication skills in a new language and culture.

  •  Cultivate empathy through their exposure to, and immersion in, a new culture that offers a diversity of values and customs.

  • Experience profound personal growth through their increased self- confidence, self-reliance, independence, critical thinking skills, identity and intellectual curiosity.

  • Enhance their college applications through the asset of a high school study abroad experience gained through SYA.

SYA alumni bring an increased understanding of the world to the top colleges they attend - and the lives they go on to lead.

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Parent Testimonials 

“Caroline came back more confident, self-assured, and with a take charge attitude. The last year in France strengthened her already strong foundation and gave her the reassurance she needed to become a strong individual.”

Martina B.
SYA France '16 Parent
(Pictured Above)
“Many of our daughter’s positive personality traits, which we knew well, have evolved in surprising and exciting ways. Her enthusiasm for new experiences, her sense of confidence and her curiosity have soared. She has an enhanced global outlook and we believe she felt valued by the teachers, administrators and her fellow students in ways that she had not experienced previously in an academic setting.”

Cleo and Michael G.
SYA France ’16 Parents

“Confidence, independence, inquisitiveness and questioning things a little bit more. I think Tyler has a much more sophisticated understanding of how the world works. He’s much more attuned to forms of government, types of government and different forms of democracy.”

Elizabeth T.
SYA Italy '15 Parent & SYA Spain '16 Parent

"Alison's self-confidence grew dramatically over the course of the year and also her global awareness grew. She somewhat followed some of the issues going on in Europe, but she came back with a real passion about how the countries react to one another and the differences that existed over there . And she became very passionate about certain issues that she saw play out over the course of her year."

Chip C.
SYA France '14 Parent

Parent Reference Program

If your child has already submitted an application, and you would like to speak to an SYA parent, please contact the Admissions Office at 978.725.6828 or