For Parents

We understand that when your child brings up studying abroad in high school, that you may have some questions. What is SYA? What are the programs like? What are the benefits? Where will my child live? These are all questions that we're accustomed to receiving from parents when they're first introduced to SYA. We're here to help you along the journey. When you choose to support your child's choice to study abroad in high school with SYA, you're giving them the opportunity to:

  • Develop a broader perspective on global affairs.

  • Learn through place-based and experiential classes while also taking required courses for graduation. 

  • Gain communication skills in a new language and culture.

  •  Cultivate empathy through their exposure to, and immersion in, a new culture that offers a diversity of values and customs.

  • Experience profound personal growth through their increased self-confidence, self-reliance, independence, critical thinking skills, identity and intellectual curiosity.

  • Enhance their college applications through the asset of a high school study abroad experience gained through SYA.

SYA alumni bring an increased understanding of the world to the top colleges they attend and the lives they go on to lead.

Parent Testimonials 

"SYA goes way beyond language immersion. While our daughter’s French level is now highly fluent, it is the transformative life experience of her year in Rennes that has allowed for tremendous growth in her maturity, self-confidence and independent thinking. Her openness to try new things and go to new places has been enormously and permanently expanded. We are so proud of her and grateful to SYA." 

-John B., FR'22P
“SYA exceeded our expectations in the year abroad it provided our daughter. She cherishes her year in Spain and has grown, matured and gained self confidence from this unique experience and program."

-Kibbe B., ES'22P

"I have now had four children complete this program and though each child is remarkably different they all came away as better people and students because of SYA."

-Stacey M. FR'11P FR'13P FR'16P FR'19P

“SYA is life-changing in all the best ways. In a time when teenage mental health issues are on the rise, SYA allows kids to develop resilience, independence and coping skills, while immersing them in another culture. They have strong academics but place important emphasis on inquiry and self-determination.”

-Laura R., IT'22P

Parent Reference Program

If your child has already submitted an application, and you would like to speak to an SYA parent, please contact the Admissions Office at 978.725.6828 or