Uchenna Ezibe


The lessons one can learn while studying abroad are endless, and the more you put into your experience the more you will get out of it. SYA taught me a great deal while I was in the classroom, but while abroad even a short walk through the center of town will teach you a lot about the world, your host country, and yourself if you take the initiative to open your eyes and ears”.

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My favorite memory at SYA
Every Friday my host mother would cook galettes bretonnes, which are savory crepes traditional to the region of Brittany. The Friday ritual of buying the ingredients, cooking the galettes, and eating them as a family was always a wonderful bonding experience, but I will never forget the joy and pride my host family displayed when (after a few lessons, of course) I cooked everyone’s galettes bretonnes myself!

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Hometown: Washington, DC
College: Bowdoin College
Major in College: Government & Legal Studies and French, Double Major
Favorite International City: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
What Uchenna Does for Fun: Reading, traveling, exploring the outdoors.