Meet SYA Students

SYA students come from all walks of life and from every corner of the country. Since SYA's founding in 1964, over 8,000 students from over 1,000 high schools have embarked on the adventure of SYA. While there is no "typical" SYA student, what all SYAers have in common is an insatiable curiosity and a willingness to venture out of their comfort zone. Meet a few recent SYA students below and learn more about who they are and how their experiences in France, Italy, or Spain impacted their lives. 

Meet Brookelynn

Former SYA Spain high school student sits smiling looking down at the camera with long brown hair
  • Attended: SYA Spain as a Junior
  • Home School: Culver Academies
  • Hometown: Rapid City, SD
  • Interests: Nature, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, art, and travel

Meet August 

SYA high school student August sits in the grass smiling at the camera in a white shirt and pink hat
  • Attended: SYA Italy Semester as a Junior
  • Home School: St. George's School
  • Hometown: The Plains, VA
  • Interests: Photography and cooking

Get to know August

Meet Hannah

SYA High school student Hannah stands outside in Paris with an umbrella. She wears all black
  • Attended: SYA France as a Junior
  • Home School: Georgetown Day School
  • Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
  • Interests: Art history, yoga, travel

Meet Braeden

A Black male SYA Spain high school student stands looking at the camera


  • Attended: SYA Spain Semester as a Junior
  • Home School: Lake Forest Academy
  • Hometown: Montgomery, AL
  • Interests: Cooking, sciences, working out/fitness, and nature

Meet Nina

SYA high school student Nina stands in front of the water with her eyes closed a slight smile


  • Attended: SYA France as a Senior
  • Home School: Hopkins School
  • Hometown: New Haven, CT
  • Interests: French, photography

Meet Jake

Jake smiles at the camera wearing a blue shirt and tie, he has brown hair

  • Attended: SYA Spain as a Junior
  • Home School: Polytechnic School
  • Hometown: San Marino, CA 
  • Interests: Basketball, traveling

Meet Eva

A white female SYA France high school student stands smiling at the camera

  • Attended: SYA France Semester as a Junior
  • Home School: Blake School
  • Hometown: Edina, MN
  • Interests: French, painting and drawing

Meet Isabel

SYA Italy student sits on a boat facing the camera smiling in an Italian city
  • Attended: SYA Italy as a Sophomore
  • Home School: Chadwick High School
  • Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Interests: Soccer, ceramics, Italian 

Get to know Isabel

Meet Annabel


Annabel, SYA France high school alum, sits smiling with a wide grin, her brown hair is down and she has a black shirt on

  • Attended: SYA Spain as a Junior
  • Home School: Packer Collegiate Institute 
  • Hometown: New York, New York
  • Interests:  Travel, French culture, art history

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