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We want students to become global citizens — to immerse themselves in a new language and culture and to thrive in a challenging environment. Studying abroad during high school puts students on the fast track to become well-rounded global citizens and makes them stand out during the college process. By referring a student to SYA, you give them the opportunity to expand their world. If you would like to learn more about SYA, fill out the form below!


Please share our materials and recorded presentation with your interested students. Click the images below to download our flyers and posters!

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SYA Alumna, Mary Morgan, on Why Students Should Attend SYA

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We host a variety of events for prospective students and their families, including live Info Sessions each fall. Direct any interested students to our Travel & Events page, YouTube Channel, or our Instagram to learn more about SYA!

Play SYA Spain Trivia in Your Classroom!

This five-minute video shows students the basics of what it's like to live in Zaragoza, Spain and attend SYA. Learn a few facts about the city and the Spanish culture along the way!


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