For the 2020-2021 academic year, SYA's tuition was $59,900, with an additional fee of $800 for books and standardized testing fees. Tuition is set every year in February by the SYA Board of Trustees.

Tuition covers:

  • Classroom instruction and academic counseling
  • School trips, including transportation, meals and lodging expenses
  • Room and board, including public transportation costs to and from school and lunch during the school week
  • Support services every day of the academic year, including weekends and vacations
  • Comprehensive accident and illness insurance 

Tuition Refund Plan
To minimize financial loss in the unlikely event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal, SYA subscribes to the Tuition Refund Plan, a form of tuition insurance. Details of the Tuition Refund Plan are available from the finance department at the SYA home office by request at any time. Plan information is sent to all enrolled students with the enrollment agreement. Read more about the Tuition Refund Plan.

Payment Options
SYA offers the option to make tuition payments in one or two installments. SYA also offers the FACTS plan, allowing families to spread the tuition out into 10 interest-free installments. Please note that families who elect to pay in installments will be required to purchase insurance from the Tuition Refund Plan for a small percentage of their adjusted tuition.