Admissions Ambassadors

About a third of SYA students learn about SYA from a recent SYA student. As alumni, your voice is powerful and your stories and experiences are the best way to reach globally minded students and inform them about SYA. Please support the next generation of SYA students by becoming an SYA Admissions Ambassador.

What is an SYA Admissions Ambassador?

An SYA Admissions Ambassador is a recent SYA graduate who supports the SYA Admissions team by sharing his/her experience, educating other students about SYA and empowering other students to study abroad.

Why be an Admissions Ambassador?

By promoting SYA, you will help create global citizens and impress your teachers and classmates with your experience abroad. Plus, it's a great position to put on a resume and you may be eligible to get some cool SYA merch!

How do you become an Admissions Ambassador?

1. Contact Assistant Director of Admissions Brice Koval. Let him know that you are interested in becoming an Admissions Ambassador.

2. Schedule your presentation. Ask your adviser or language teacher for opportunities to share your experience sometime in the fall.

3. Present about SYA! Introduce yourself and speak about your personal experience. Some great topics to mention are: a favorite class, a class trip, a host family memory and how your SYA experience changed you.

4. Show SYA's informational video. After sharing your own experience, share some general SYA information by playing our culminating video.

5. Collect the names and emails of interested students. After sharing your experience and the video, collect the names and email addresses of students who are interested in learning more about SYA.

6. Email SYA the list of interested students. After your presentation, email Brice the list of names and emails of interested students who were inspired by your SYA experience. 

For bonus points: write a blog post, share pictures or a video testimonal, post about SYA on social media and more!


If you have any questions about becoming an SYA Admissions Ambassador, please contact Brice Koval at